Tour to Kekova

Want to visit the homeland of Santa Claus and see the sunken city?

Neighborhood of the city of Kekova, Turkey

If so, we are pleased to invite you on a tour of Demre, Kekova. This is a wonderful tour on a yacht that combines history, sea and sun. We'll visit with you the church of St. Nicholas in Demre town, and then a boat ride on a yacht in Kekova. That's where you can see the sunken city, an ancient fortress on the peninsula. The famous Captain Cousteau was impressed by the purity and beauty of the underwater world of these places. Under the transparent turquoise waters you will discover the history of Turkey.

The price includes transfers, yacht trips, lunch, guide services.

Tour to Kekova, TurkeyNeighborhood of the city of Kekova, Turkey

The coastline of the island of Kekova is only 19 km altitude in the central part of the island of ~ 180 m, the area of ​​5 square meters of the island. km. On the northern shore of the island you will find the ruins of the ancient city, most of which are flooded and therefore of great interest for underwater exploration. Carefully after looking through amazingly clear waters you can see the ruins of ancient buildings - stone stairs, walkways, walls, houses, waterfront.

Kekova - the island in the sea, is one of the most visited Turkish islands.

Kekova Island - is a long and narrow island whose shores are dotted with archaeological remains of just antiquity. As a result of tectonic movements that led to the elevation of the mountains of the Western Taurus Mountains, the city of Kekova and Simena submerged under water. Within the county are the ruins of Kekova ancient cities and Aperlai Dolihiste.