Leather and fur from Turkey: Antalya, Beldibi, Kemer

Many of the tourists who come to our country on vacation, do not think of a holiday without shopping. This can be explained by the fact that we have - the price is much less a huge selection of not even in the large stores of Moscow.

Women's leather jackets, coats, fur coats, leather bags, gloves - all of these products. You'll find a collection of women's leather and fur shop from Turkish factories that meet the current fashion trends and the highest quality standards.

Leather jackets Turkey

In the leather products are stylish women's leather jackets that never go out of fashion and are necessary in every woman's wardrobe at almost any time of year. Leather - the best choice for today's dynamic and stylish women. In the catalog section you will find women's leather jackets - from fashion victim to classic models. Note the leather jacket with silver fox - one of the main fashion trends this season.

Coats from Turkey

In the Fur and fur coats are practical and fashionable women's coats from Istanbul factories of all sizes, styles and models from elegant classical variants to defiantly daring and original. Also presented luxurious women's mink coats, beaver, fox, nutria, orilaga, raccoon and fox for lovers of beautiful and sensual feeling of comfort that can only donate real fur.

Fur coats from Turkey

Current trend in recent years - women's fur vest. They first appeared in the collections of virtually all known fashion designers, and now - have become almost a compulsory subject in the wardrobe for all those little watches for fashion. Probably, jackets and vests, fur would not have been as popular if not for their practicality. They go well with any clothing to protect from the cold, do not stifle the movement. You can buy a fur vest for every taste. The collection presents an elegant shop jackets fur fox, foxes, bobcats.

Fur jackets from TurkeyFur jackets from TurkeyFur jackets from Turkey

Another lineup - it's practical mats fur vests of sheepskin. Cozy and comfortable, they are perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle, this is the best option for long walks or driving.

In the bags and accessories you can find women's leather bags, leather gloves. Strict business bags, exquisite clutch bags, comfortable everyday models emphasize your individuality and provide comfort in any situation.

We invite you to visit one of the largest stores in the representation of Antalya, where a collection of the latest models of leather and fur of our factory: coats, coats, jackets, coats, jackets, vests, pants, skirts.

The factory provides high quality products made of natural fur and leather.

In our retail stores sells mink coats and other items, for both female and male wardrobe for the price of the factory. High quality products along with great prices makes us the background on the range of other manufacturers. In the factory's own chain of stores, so our clothes are sold without a trade margin.

Prices due to a lack of intermediary mark-ups are usually pledged by dealers in the final price of the goods. Elegant mink coats with soft folds of the emitted when walking, form-fitting silhouettes, gorgeous vintage glamor brash - all this awaits you in the New Collection 2012 models which are designed by renowned Italian designers. Lightweight and incredibly warm fur mink Scandinavian charms of natural shades and sparkling soft pile. Stylish products emphasize your strengths will add charm and enchantment, and experienced sales consultants will help you choose the model that will complement your unique look. Mink coats - this is a practical and elegant choice. Mink coats have always been a symbol of wealth in many countries around the world.