Diving in Turkey

Diving in Turkey is certainly exotic. This is their world, their own subculture. Under the water can be a researcher, photographer, painter, journalist and historian. You will plunge into a new world of adventure, to arrange a fantastic holiday, pochuvstvuyute frantic energy of these places and feel one with nature.

Diving in Turkey have good institutions, relatively cheap, compared to diving in other countries.

Believe me, it's not just underwater tourism, but also an opportunity for deep seas and oceans to explore the local fauna and flora. This is an opportunity to witness the variety of marine life. Bizarre forms of corals, in all their glory may see someone who bought a round in the best place for diving. Scuba diving gives you the opportunity to become one of the many members of a group of interesting people that are very similar in spirit. After all, this sport allows a person to be in the range of those people who do not just love leisure.

Diving in Turkey

One need not be the owner of the certificate PADI, to admire these beauties. The day trip includes travel in a specially equipped boat, instruction, two half swim under the guidance of an experienced instructor. During a break in the sun ponezhatsya tourists on the deck and dine on board the boat.

Diving in TurkeyDiving in Turkey

Underwater environment - it's totally unfamiliar world, it's another universe, another space. He is near. You just have to wear the outfit, and like Ichthyander to jump into the turquoise depths. Here you will see incredible form reefs covered with barrel-shaped sponges, sea fans, coral gardens, flocks of curious fish, sea stars, etc., as well as major inhabitants of the high seas, including sharks.

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