Watch from Turkey

Elegant clock abide accessory of the modern woman, and our designers have tried to unravel the mystery of the eternal charm femininity enduring, creating an elegant collection of ladies' wrist watches.

Hours can be described in one phrase - very feminine - but in each of the collections has a little secret that makes her a model for a truly exclusive. Open vitality, generosity and sense always a great mood - that's the main message of hours. Lack of muted tones and pastel shades gives the watch a magnificent energy, and a combination of several bright colors in the design of the bracelets on selected models gives a charming bit of extravagance.

Часы из ТурцииЧасы с украшениями Турция

Funny straps, each of which differs from another not only in color, texture and material - to choose from, smooth, embossed leather or a drawing of a woven base - exquisite elegance favorably emphasize the form of dials, which are designed in the classical tradition: round, oval or rectangular.

Especially memorable lineup of hours with bright straps to simulate wool fabric in a mischievous cells that are able to successfully highlight the elegance and impeccable style woman regardless of her casual wear. They can become a "highlight" of strict office suit or, for example, perfectly complement the sports coat.

Стальные часы из ТурцииЧасы с ювелирными украшениями Турция


Most models have an elegant oval clock face, covered with grass pattern combines with the main motif painted on the bracelet. We should also mention the model of the ladies of hours with a cap of enamel, which turn the dial itself into a full link bracelet. Brilliant floral splendor of enamel and elegant design of metal dial perfectly complement the sumptuous evening dress or a classic women's suit.

Elegant narrow metal bracelets collected from the same link or two solid pieces, turn the clock into real jewelry.

Золотые часы из ТурцииЧасы из красного золота Турция

Exquisite woven bracelet underlines the beneficial deliberate simplicity of the dial. Classic correct oval or octagon only delineates the contours, gently separating the functional part of watches from decorative. Thus, a lady at a glance, to inquire about the time, and an observer will notice, especially on a bracelet.

Mark deserves a separate series of models of watches, bracelets decorated with filigree. Weightless metal web in the form of a stylized leaf with dew drops looks extremely fresh and very feminine. Opening with the beautiful bracelet perfectly suited to the festive one-color dress with long sleeves.

Summarizing, we can confidently recommend any model as an excellent gift to yourself, loved one or the one whose location you have yet to conquer.