Yacht Tour in Turkey

On a comfortable bus will take you to the seaport. On board guide will introduce you to the crew and talk about the tour program. After sailing yacht drops anchor in several bays. Visitors can swim or bathe in the bay. After lunch on the boat we go to the next step of our journey. By the evening - arrival at the port. The price includes transfers, yacht trips, lunch, guide services.

Yacht tour in Turkey, water rides

Walk on a yacht is a boundless sea, white sail, refreshing face breeze, zephyr ... Is not it romantic?

Is this phrase is the maxim of your life? It is easy to check - remember when the last time you felt totally happy and relaxed? If you do not know the answer, it's a sign that you have been as follows, without rest and that you have an urgent need to make walk on a yacht.

Yacht tour in Turkey, water ridesYacht tour in Turkey, water ridesYacht tour in Turkey, water rides

Stepping on board a yacht, you will find yourself in a world of boundless freedom and lightness of being. There is no room and mock the conventions of ordinary life, only you and a fair wind, overhead - blue sky, at the bottom - water expanse, vast expanses of mountain landscapes and Turkish coasts. The sun's rays caress their warmth and sound of water, the cutting boat, sounds like a lullaby.

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