Gold jewelry from Turkey

Gold is often mentioned in the Bible, the "Iliad," "Odyssey" and other monuments of ancient literature. The alchemists called gold "the king of metals" and designated it as a symbol of the sun.

Rare jewelry store has such a wide range of jewelry made of gold 585 and 750, 925. All rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, crosses and icons, piercings, necklaces, brooches and watches have a 10-fold-back guarantee.

Gold necklace and earrings from Turkey

Golden Earring - mandatory subject of jewelry for every woman. Earrings as jewelry have a long history. People wore them at the dawn of humanity. They were worn by both men and women are equally trying to use this jewel to emphasize their individuality. Originally earrings were just rings, pass through the ear or nose. They had a simple, uncomplicated form. But as time passed and the earrings have evolved, like everything else in the world. Jewelers began creating gold earrings of various forms, decorating them with gems.

Execute orders at the request of the customer and the sketch.

Among the endless variety of jewelry are the most popular gold rings. Gold rings can decorate any hand, to emphasize the beauty of its form, to ennoble it. Gold rings - a great gift that can express a variety of feelings. As a gift, gold rings may be relevant to a wedding, birthday, the anniversary, to adulthood. This is a wonderful romantic gift expressing the infinite love and respect. No wonder it was gold rings are rings and wedding.

Current collection of gold rings, and other jewelry, always pleasing richness and diversity of styles and shapes. The choice of gold rings among them a great many could turn into an exciting, enjoyable activity. Jewelry at once felt his future master, and gold rings are no exception. At first not seem very attractive gold ring on his finger once the future owner, suddenly starts to play all sides, opening eyes all the possibilities and beauty. This is really an amazing transformation, but not without reason gold is not only noble, but a mysterious ring metallom.Zolotoe able to express a special relationship and romantic feelings. This elegant gift box in a small velvet will always be the most enjoyable and most memorable. For many years it will be stored, among other ornaments, casting fond memories.

Gold rings from Turkey

In our shop you will find the golden rings to suit all tastes: women's, men's gold rings, gold rings with precious and semiprecious stones, gold rings wedding.

Numerous types of bracelets amazing variety: gold bracelets tough, gold rings bracelets, gold bracelet with pendants. Gold bracelets can be of varying thickness and width. It may be in the form of a bracelet chain of weaving interesting, and may be broad, massive, ornaments inlaid with precious stones. Large gold bangles are often combined with a clock, which makes the combination of beauty and practicality. Watch - bracelet, decorated with precious stones - the subject of style and luxury.

Gold bracelets from Turkey

The bracelet can be worn on the hand - in the forearm or wrist, or on foot - in the ankle. Bracelets - the chain is usually worn on the leg, they look particularly impressive on tanned skin. Tan emphasizes the brilliance of gold, and the bracelet adorning the ankle gives the whole image of the charm of the owner of the East, where so widespread gold bracelets.

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In our store you can buy a gold bracelet, women's, men's gold bracelet on his leg, gold bracelets with different types of weaving, gold bracelets, white, yellow, red gold. presented as a cheap gold bracelets and exclusive models at a high price.

Gold bracelet - a great gift. In contrast to the gold ring he does not characterize the love relationship, but is sincere and deep feelings, like any other jewelry. Flickering on velvet in a gift box charm bracelet necessarily the person to whom it will be presented with.

Gold has always been regarded as special ornaments, symbols of love and wealth.

We look forward to seeing you at our store from the representative Istanbul factory. We are pleased to offer you our new collection of wedding rings, chains, bracelets, performed by the bimetal technology, ie articles made ​​of gold pour 2 or more colors of metal.

Also in our range a wide range of seamless engagement rings. Such a ring, in contrast to the usual, never crack. You can always find the wedding rings with diamonds, platinum and diamond ring with an engraving.


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