Turkish Night

Hospitality - a distinctive feature of the Turkish people! Do you want to spend the night, which will be remembered forever? On stage, dancers in colorful costumes will sing folk songs and dance folk dances, including the famous belly dance.

"The Turkish night. Bellydance""The Turkish night. Tonight Show"

Ends with an evening disco with Turkish and European music. Cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of the art of the artists will leave the most vivid memories! The price includes transportation, dinner, crayfish - a strong alcoholic beverage.

Night Life in TurkeyNight Life in Turkey

Turkey is rich not only historical but also the diverse cultural life. Here, a mixture of European and Asian cultures and religions. Turkey Night is unique. Particularly rapidly "boiling" the nightlife on the south coast. At night, Antalya and Kemer transformed set of colored lights.

Amazing night of Turkey. Her life was full of events, attractions and adventures.

"Turkish Night. Night Club"Night Life in Turkey

Fans will find a night's rest here with popular nightspots, not nearly as good as Europe and with its oriental color. Youth, after the heat subsides daily and measured the daily life follows night - night out in town, have fun and active rest in discos, bars.

Night Life in Turkey

At parties you can dance until the morning. Among the visitors will hear the native language and is easy to find yourself a companion. You will never have problems with communication, even if you do not know foreign languages. Always and everywhere you can understand.

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