Jeans, pants are the most popular for the last hundred years - skilfully concealing flaws and highlight your benefits dignity back and front.

Jeans from TurkeyJeans from TurkeyJeans from Turkey

Modern fashion is experiencing a real dzhinsomaniyu. For several years now prevails on the catwalks and the streets of various cities. And if before the clothes were made of canvas only ships (sail, as you already guessed), then, two hundred and fifty years ago, an enterprising American, made ​​himself very special pants, do not let the dust and dirt, which have long been worn and easy to wash, then the same pants and wanted other people, but now you can see denim coats, jackets, dresses, bags, shoes and even underwear.

Jeans from Turkey

According to the Americans, the jeans can be regarded as the personification of the American spirit: they symbolize the: assertiveness, hard work and loyalty to tradition.

Appearing in the 60s. XIX century. in California, the jeans have changed slightly. For example, the Cowboys have complained that the metal dowel spoil the skin saddles - and 70-ies. rivets on the backside? their pockets are gone. In the 90's. of the same century appeared a small pocket in front for hours and coins. Ranging lines, buttons, yarn thickness, color and technology poshiva.Samye great originals among the designers sew denim even evening suits. Denim fashion today is very diverse, "heaped up" jeans with lots of pockets and detachable trouser legs below the knees peacefully coexist with a classic cut and natural colors.

Actual "dirt", edging out the fur, embroidery and "gold paint" along the lines of wear. Minimalism and hi-tech, eclectic and "environmentalism" - everything is acceptable, the main thing - the ability to combine and wear.

Jeans - perhaps the most popular and practical clothes. But despite its practicality, you can make a mistake in their selection and care for them.

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