Leather from Turkey

Genuine leather long and firmly took its place in human life: the prehistoric era was at hand to meet all their basic needs. Today leather - a favorite material designers and connoisseurs of style - and as relevant as ever popular!

Leather jackets from TurkeyMen's leather jacket from Turkey

When choosing clothes for spring and autumn, many fashionable women stopped their opinion on leather jackets and raincoats. This piece wardrobe quickly came into vogue in the last century and still not lose its relevance.

Women's leather jackets from Turkey

Leather products successfully cope with their main functions - they protect from the cold and the wind kept most creative cut and perfectly combined with other things. In the new season jackets made ​​of leather can be worn with anything, from jeans and formal trousers, short and long skirts.

Women's leather jackets from Turkey

Models of skin astonishingly varied: short, elongated, with three-quarters sleeves. And every designer, creating a model that sought to distinguish himself and brought his piece. Among the fashionable leather products you will not find a business or rigorous models that have been relevant ten years ago. Modern fashion dictates its own rules, and worthy end models of the skin has become a romantic Basque.