Water attractions

In Turkey, a lot of water parks. However, even such a large number of water attractions not save us from the hype. Book hotels with water parks in Turkey season is often difficult. However, nothing is impossible and with proper preparation can be, we can offer the best water rides, slides and swimming pools.

Water parks Turkey

In Antalya is the world's most fascinating attractions on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. You will dive into many hours of unforgettable adventure. This is a huge amount of water attractions for kids and adults! Charge of good mood and healthy fatigue Guaranteed! The price includes transportation, entrance fees, lunch, guide services.

Antalya, as befits the largest resort in Turkey, has at its disposal a number of water parks. Among them we should mention two. The first - a water park and dolphinarium Antalya in the western part of town. Among the hotels located nearby, it may be noted Sheraton Voyager Antalya. The second - the oldest Turkish Dedeman aquapark in the eastern part of Antalya. Today, next to the company and opened his own Dedeman Hotel Dedeman Antalya.

Water attractions in Antalya

You can spend your leisure on your own: those who prefer a quiet holiday active, be sure to enjoy the large Jacuzzi, as well as a swimming pool with artificial current, reminiscent of the river.

In Antalya, there are dolphin water park, where you can watch the show with colorful marine life, and, if desired, even swim with them and play.

The cost of excursions, as a rule, includes lunch. If you go on their own without an excursion, you can always have a snack at a cafe or restaurant, however, be aware that prices in the bars above the water parks than in urban schools. This, of course, does not apply to water parks in hotels in Turkey, where travelers are provided free of charge.

Water parks Turkey

Tours in Turkey water parks - is a fresh breeze, the beautiful sun and thrills - everything you need for relaxation and vigor of the charge for the entire year!

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