Precious stones, diamonds from Turkey

When choosing a gemstone must be taken into account its importance and the patron of the planet to whom he presented with. Presented stone should only bring luck and prosperity to this man.

precious stones from Turkey, jewelrydiamonds from Turkey, jewelry

All precious stones are divided into groups, each of which belongs to a certain zodiac sign. And like any gift, any stone decoration is a hidden, symbolic meaning. Depending on the sign of the zodiac every man protects his stone. For example, in Aries - is amethyst and ordoniks, the Taurus - agate, and a Gemini - beryl or topaz. Cancers protects the emerald, and the Lions - Ruby. Virgo prefer rock crystal and sapphire. Libra patronize diamonds, opals, tourmalines and beryls. Scorpio match topaz and bloodstone. Sagittarians love turquoise, Capricorns - onyx, and chrysoprase. Aquarius is preferable to send a sapphire or obsidian, and Pisces - alexandrite or aquamarine.

Do gemstones have their own feature - some of them can not be presented with no pair. These rocks include alexandrite. Depending on the season are advised to give some stones. In January, preferred to give garnet, hyacinth or coil. Suitable for the February amethyst. In March, give beryl, in April - pink and purple amethyst. In May, as a gift presented with agate, beryl fit for June. In July, give an emerald. For the August gift fit such stones as carnelian, sardonyx, alexandrite, moonstone, ruby, topaz, golden beryl. In September, give jasper. In October - the diamond. For the November gift of all stones is preferable topaz. For December - turquoise.

Gems from Antalya, Turkey

In accordance with the planets, the patrons of the gems are energetic manifestations of these celestial bodies:

  • The Sun appears in a stone, like an emerald.
  • Moon patronizes diamonds.
  • Manifestation of Mercury on earth - cornelian.
  • The element of Venus appears in emerald.
  • The warlike Mars protects ruby.
  • Compliance with Jupiter - the sapphire.

When choosing jewelry from precious and semiprecious stones are oriented primarily to the personal predilections of the person who meant a gift. First of all is the color of the stone, which contributes to the development of certain qualities in man. Loneliness and stress excellence ornament with white stones. These stones develop in man a sense of freedom and hard work. Stones red shades represent the energy, passion and movement. Such stones are presented with a gift to stimulate the power of the person, to strengthen the protective functions of the body. Holders of red stones can cause a person to be frank.

  1. The stones symbolize the beauty of the orange color, grace, artistry. Jewelry made of these stones develop in man a sense of beauty.
  2. Stones Green symbolizes the integrity of the individual. Holders of such stones reasonable and patient.
  3. Blue stones are symbols of logical thinking. These stones contribute to the development of human qualities such as intuition and practicality.
  4. Stones purple - a symbol of mystery, magic, mysticism.
  5. Stones purple - a symbol of faith and thought.
  6. Stones symbolize peace shades of brown, reliability and stability.
  7. Stones black symbolize the beginning and end.

There used to be the "flagship" trendsetters for luxury combined with good taste. Not kitsch, not an abundance of sparkling diamonds and logos, and the true aristocratic luxury, chic.

Diamonds from Turkey, jewelry