Furs and fur coats from Turkey

The factory offers VIP product, made from our templates, which are ideally sit on the figure, because We are very long and hard to develop. Thanks to accurate templates we have to offer outdoor clothing, which is difficult to produce silhouettes and great at the same sitting. You can buy a coat of fox traditional flame-colored, as well as silver and silver-black foxes from the most "exotic" colors Arctic Marble Fox, Golden Island Fox, Smokey Fox, Fire Gold Fox. Luxurious and fluffy fox fur emphasize the beauty of their owner and will not leave you unnoticed.

Furs and fur coats from TurkeyFurs and fur coats from TurkeyFurs and fur coats from Turkey

Coat of astrakhan "Svakara" from the new collection will give warm in the coldest winter day. Delicate "Svakara" with wavy soft pile, forming a magnificent moire pattern, charms and attracts the eye.

Buying fashionable fur season "2012", you get a guarantee of quality. Materials for the production of our products are bought in bulk large in European countries. After purchase, each skin is carefully dressing in our factory. Strict control of the production process at every stage allowed us to achieve European standards of production. Astrakhan fur coats from the manufacturer or from a different mechanism, created by our skilled craftsmen will delight and comfort you over the years.

Coats from TurkeyCoats from Turkey

Both large and small shops offer clothing sheepskin and leather goods, but none of them can not be compared to the range and quality of products. Fashion coats made ​​in our factory, exclusive and unique. They stand out a perfect landing on the figure, the best furs and artfully dressed with high quality materials. You'll stand out in a multimillion-dollar city, because models developed by renowned Italian designers do not have analogues. Coats Women accentuate your individuality and uniqueness.

Furs and fur coats for men

The collection features products for men. Refinement of classics, practicality Casual, romantic expressiveness of style - for members of the strong half of mankind, we offer garments that emphasize their masculinity and irresistible. Men's coats will help you to express their "I", create your own image.

Each time, putting the thing produced by our factory, you'll feel the extra comfort.