Villas in Turkey

If you want to wake up, hear the muffled sound of the surf, enjoy the golden beaches, you will approach the house on the sea, located on the picturesque coast.

Villa - luxury country house in the Italian style, as a rule, on the shores of the warm sea. Currently, the Villa - it's a detached house with elements of Mediterranean style and the surrounding land with landscaping and gardening. Our database is the most luxurious villa with great sea views.

Villas in Antalya (Antalya) is a luxurious houses in the Italian style, they can feel like a fairy tale, a wonderful holiday or vacation. For the most part, the villas include a swimming pool, and, of course, a guest room. You can have parties and banquets. But you should know that the villa requires special attention and care. This requires skilled staff.

Our villas are equipped with modern means of automation and protection. High degree of autonomy through the use of alternative sources of energy, automation, and saturation of engineering systems and equipment. To date, most built villas - villas is a city, erected by the most modern and accessible materials, small, averaging about 250-300 square feet, or one operated by polutoraetazhnye home with attic and a small adjoining land and a swimming pool.

Construction of villas in Turkey

On the Mediterranean coast there are several types of villas:

  • classical Mediterranean villa
  •  newamerican style
  • in central
  • ultra-modern style

Luxury Villas in TurkeyVilla with pool in Turkey

It should be noted that we have a building super villas and private, for the most part today such houses are intended for collective use.

The architectural department has extensive experience in the design of country houses at different levels and classes, estates and building settlements. The internal structure of the company, thanks to streamlined interaction between all units, allows the customer to get the full range of services related to the construction project, from a single source.

If you want to buy a villa in Antalya, it will bring to your attention a wide choice of high quality real estate. Here and exclusive projects with a sea view, apartments, villas, and more.