Home Textiles in Turkey

Beldibi.biz trading company, together with the Istanbul factory offers a wide range, which includes an extensive collection of home textiles. Ready-made ​​garments as blankets, rugs, bed linen, terry products, textiles for the kitchen.

The range of home textiles in our products is a significant and well deserved place. We offer retail customers to purchase our bedding, blankets, bedspreads and more. The Istanbul plant produces and sells a wide range of terry products: terry towels, bathrobes and gift sets of terry fabrics. As a direct distributor of home textile, we can confidently assert that we know all the nuances of the changing fashions in home textile and constantly keep abreast of consumer demand.

We offer bed linens of the original design and quality of satin, silk, calico, children's and adult bedrooms.

Bedding Series Le Vele and the TAC is made from high quality satin propeller spinning. Refinement of drawing and richness of colors achieved high technology active press. The texture of this fabric gives a feeling of warmth, coolness and silkiness of bed linen. 100% cotton fabric composition and high durability make dyeing linen a hygienic and durable in use.

Linen from Turkey, Textile

The gentle touch of luxury presents a collection of luxury bed linen of silk. Produced from high quality polyester fiber is linen on the structure to approximately cotton. Stylish suites of silk - a great romantic gift.

Linen from Turkey, TextileLinen from Turkey, Textile

For special occasions we offer exclusive sets of bed linen from zhatogo silk - the latest advances in the production of extremely thin, light and soft fibers. Fashion pastel colors make this collection an elegant and unique!

Linen from Turkey, TextileLinen from Turkey, Textile

Bed linen "Issimo Home" is made of high quality mercerized cotton. Cotton thread in this fabric is processed in a special way that bed linen subdued Shine, softness and silkiness, color fastness and excellent moisture absorption.

Linen from Turkey, TextileLinen from Turkey, Textile

Bedding made ​​of bamboo fiber creates comfortable conditions for healthy and restful sleep, regulating body temperature. Bamboo fiber characterized by an unusually porous, the moisture is absorbed by tissue and instantly evaporate.

Fabric tactile properties similar to silk, but remains soft. Grown without chemicals, bamboo, has an unusually high water absorbency, so it ensures a perfect climate and has a beneficial effect on health.

Blankets on the bedBlankets on the bed

Blankets on the bed - an important, if not the decisive element in the design of the bedroom. Luxury quilted silk can transform even the most modest bedroom suite.

We use in the manufacture of curtains only high quality materials and the design to attract the best artists on fabric. But in addition to fancy expensive sets of quilted silk, are in demand and also covers Tapestry Jacquard weave. Bedspreads - tapestries are very practical to have a classic design. Classics are always in fashion, in addition, Tapestry covers are relatively inexpensive.

The range of home textiles is one of the key points of our company. We manufacture and market a wide range of terry products: terry towels, bathrobes. We offer stylish and comfortable mats, wafer, bathrobe, bamboo bathrobes. The main advantages of home textiles company Beldebi.biz - high quality products, wide range and variety of options for colors.


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