Property in Turkey: Antalya, Beldibi, Kemer

Property in Turkey is a tidbit for those who like to spend time at the resorts. Year-round, at your service, superb resorts in Turkey, namely sea and ski resorts in Turkey. Buying property in Turkey can also be those who want to invest their money, because investing in real estate, you can get a considerable income from its lease.

Property in Turkey: comfort, profit, prestige

Not the last word rests with the price: the Turkish property (houses, cottages, apartments) are available in different price ranges, with property prices in Turkey are much lower than in other European countries.

Loyal laws against foreigners - also an important factor influencing the purchase of overseas real estate in Turkey (easily made ​​into real estate property).

Property in Turkey, located on the shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas for those who prefer the sea air, surf and golden sand beaches. Select Property is huge: from the small houses in villages and housing estates to luxury apartments in the resorts on the coast or mountains. And even for those who own property in Antalya  - there are lots of proposals for residential facilities.

Real estate, apartment, land in TurkeyReal estate, apartment, land in Turkey

The advantages of buying property in Turkey, whether it be an apartment or land objects are obvious:

  • Installment: the purchase of the property in Turkey is that the sale and apartments are under construction, which provides for installment payments for the entire period of construction, and along with price increases upon completion of construction.
  • Rentals: There are opportunities for profitable delivery of its real estate leases. Thus, on the one hand you have the opportunity to return the money invested in buying a house, apartment or land, and on the other hand - and make a profit.
  • Price: price per square meter in Turkey is still lower than, for example, in many other European Union countries.
  • Legislation: The legislation does not prevent the Turkish foreign nationals to purchase property, while property owners can obtain a residence permit, having fulfilled all necessary conditions.

Real Estate, we offer apartments and houses, plots of land in the cities of Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, different layouts and quadrature.

The main services that we offer:

  • Full service to our customers
  • Organization of free study tour
  • Individual approach to each client in selecting the real estate according to your needs
  • Price from the builder with no commission on apartment and commercial real estate
  • Professional advice on all matters of buying and selling real estate in Turkey
  • With legal
  • Services Division, "The aftermarket customer service"
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey
  • At all stages of the transaction you will be accompanied by our highly qualified consultants, speaking in English

Buy Property in Turkey - this is the best opportunity today to invest in real estate

Those wishing to buy property in Turkey are offered several options for housing. The most popular - Apartment in Antalya (Antalya) in the residential complex or apartment building. The second most popular option of buying real estate - property issue in the whole house. It is also possible to buy a finished house, and buy real estate under construction in progress, which will significantly reduce the cost of future housing. Among other proposals of a commercial nature - building plots. Plot is intended for development - this is a very interesting version of the real estate investments in Turkey, which allows multiple return on investment made.

It is no coincidence Turkish property attracts the attention of today's investors. They believe Turkish property promising object for investment with great potential.

In recent years, more and more popular is buying foreign citizens overseas property in Antalya. The convenient geographical position, good beaches and warm sea - these factors make a very attractive target. Real estate prices are much lower than in Spain or Italy. Therefore, real estate homes and apartments, are attractive in the long run. In many ways, the decision to buy property in Turkey is influenced by such factors as the growing economy, excellent environment, low crime rate, the hospitality of local residents.

Plots in Antalya


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