Textiles from Turkey: Antalya, Beldibi, Kemer

Turkey has taken the place of clothes factories in Europe, thanks to modern technology, low-cost labor and the availability of high quality textile raw materials.

Clothing from Turkey, is widely distributed in Europe, is sold in Russia and the Turkish resorts for tourists. Reasonable prices, current models and provide a quality product mills Clothing highly competitive. High quality - the main emphasis in the production of fashionable clothing, the company was placed on quality, because the buyer is beautiful, practical and high-quality clothing - will be a regular customer and his example will advertise clothes.

Good materials - in the manufacture of clothing brand uses only high quality and safe materials that will be long without losing their consumer qualities. All materials used in clothing - meet the highest hygienic standards and regulations.

We have a wide range of products, the best combination of price and quality!

Designers Istanbul factories carefully monitor the market and fashion trends followed by the latest in this field. All clothing is made in view of the tastes and needs of contemporary youth fashion. Own production - own factories can quickly adjust the production of new fashion and quality control of production.

In the present textile clothing and everyday necessities:

Jeans these days - a perfect combination of fashion and practicality. It is hard to imagine a wardrobe of modern man without at least one pair of jeans. They can go on a picnic, go to work or school, club or restaurant to visit. No wonder the denim clothing is considered to be the basis for any fashionable wardrobe. Designer jeans - trendy and creative direction in denim style. The many illustrations step by step, detailed instructions and helpful tips, this book will help you master the original technology of its own models, teach decorate jeans with rhinestones, lace, beads, silk-screen painting on fabric, handmade drawings. In a word - learn all the new fashion trend in decorating the jeans.

Textiles from Turkey


T-shirt - the most popular youth clothing in all countries. T-Shirts are in almost any wardrobe of any man. If you want to attract attention, funny t-shirts - what you need. The original T-shirts are designed to transmit a person's mood, which carries them. You can pick up a t-shirt or T-shirts for the city for the club and in both cases to be in the spotlight.

Textiles from Turkey

In the home textiles offers: bed linen for children and adults, towels, pillows, orthopedic pillows, blankets, bathroom sets, towels, sheets, tablecloths, blankets, gift sets, etc. We carry products such companies as: TAC, Le Vele, Ozdilek, Valeron, Maya Tekstil, Yatsan.

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